FAQ For Interns

Q. I will be 20 years old when my internship starts, but I am only 19 years old now, can I apply?
A. Yes, you may apply, we require all interns to be 20-years old at the time of their service.

Q. I am a sophomore right now, but I will be a junior at the time of my internship, can I apply?
A. Yes, you may apply, we require all interns to be at least a junior by the time the internship starts.

Q. I am a college grad, can I apply even if I am no longer actively enrolled in college?
A. Yes, while we encourage college students, we will accept those who are already college graduates.

Q. I don't have a degree nor am I actively enrolled in a college, can I apply?
A. Yes, you may apply so long as you have at least 2-years of verifiable work experience and are at least 20-years old.

Q. I have a pet, can I bring my pet?
A. No, sorry there are no pets allowed.

Q. I have a spouse or significant other, can I bring him or her with me to live there while I work?
A. No, this internship is for you, not a spouse or significant other. We have room for only current interns. No visitors are allowed at the intern house.

Q. I need to work so I can have money, do you pay us while we are there?
A. Yes, interns receive a $50 stipend per week during their term at Tiger Creek. We also provide housing and vehicles for local use only.

Q. Can I take on a part time job while serving in my internship?
A. No, you will not have time to work here at Tiger Creek and work at a job.

Q. How much money do you think I will need to cover my food and entertainment?
A. That's up to you but we recommend that you have at least $200 per month available for food and other personal expenses.

Q. I have my own vehicle, can I drive there and use it to run personal errands while there?
A. Yes, you may bring your own car. For those interns without a personal vehicle, we provide a car for interns to share during their term.

Q. Do I need to pay for my own travel to Tiger Creek and Back Home after my internship?
A. Yes, you are responsible for getting here. If you don't plan to drive, then you must fly into Tyler Pounds Field Airport. Provide us with your flight ETA and we will be happy to pick you up. We will NOT be able to pick you up in Dallas. If your flight ends in Dallas, YOU are responsible for your own travel from Dallas to Tyler.

Q. I have a severe medical problem; do you think it would stop me from performing?
A. That depends on you. We have seen people with disabilities or medical conditions perform better than those without such situations; this is hard physical work and it depends on what you think you can handle. All we ask is that you be honest with us and yourself before attempting the internship.

Q. Are the internships available year-round?
A. Yes, the internship program runs year-round. We have (4) 90 day terms available. We currently accept up to 10 interns per term.

Q. Can I stay less than 90-days?
A. No, we require at least 90-days for the internship otherwise you would be considered a volunteer.

Q. Can I stay longer than 90-days?
A. Possibly. These extensions must be approved by management and it will depend if the next term is filled already. Each intern is subject to performance based evaluations during their term. Interns with outstanding evaluations may be considered to extend their term or return for a second term.

Q. You said that the internship is 90-days, but then you referred to a performance based evaluation, what does this mean?
A. This means that while we ask you to be available for the 90-day term, we may terminate your internship due to exceptionally poor performance or violating safety rules.

Q. What if I intentionally break the rules while there?
A. If this happens, you'll be asked to leave or escorted off the site along with your personal belongings.

Q. Can I get a job at Tiger Creek?
A. Possibly. After you have completed your internship we will look at considerations for hiring you. Hiring is based upon performance during your internship. We offer all animal care positions to selected and qualified interns, so this is the best way to obtain employment at Tiger Creek.

Q. I have already sent in my application packet, but haven't heard from you yet. Does that mean I didn't get the internship, or that you didn't receive my packet?
A. Due to the volume of applications, it will take a few weeks after to review all applicants, conduct phone interviews and contact references. You will be notified of your status via phone or email once all decisions are finalized.

Q. I have a question that is not covered in this section, how do I find the answer?
A. Email animalcare@tigerlink.org