A Note From Our Programs Director

The months here at the refuge seem to fly by so quick we have a tendency to lose track of time. We are saddened by the loss of our precious Thai last month but the blooming flowers are a constant reminder of the circle of life and new things to come. Spring has brought so many reasons to be proud of such an amazing team and thankful for so many supporters!

Without our supporters, Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge would not be possible.

We recently hosted our second annual Autism Awareness Day. It was a very humbling experience and I’m excited to have a sensory tour up and running that is tailored to the needs of people requiring a different type of conservation themed tour. During the event we offered free admission to all the families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders.

There is a special connection between people with special needs and animals and we are honored to have so many people come out and celebrate that connection through conservation. Tiger Creek checked in right at 1,000 people last Saturday!! That is almost twice as much as we’ve ever had in the past on our record day. Don’t forget to check our website or Facebook for upcoming events and specials!

We also recently had our USDA inspection and I am happy to report that we did not have ANY violations and we were praised on direction in regards to teaching the public about what we do here and why conservation is important.

Recently in the news it was announced that tigers have been deemed extinct in Cambodia. It is such tragic news and hopefully enough people will be moved to make a change to keep the tiger from going extinct in the world! If drastic changes are not made to conserve natural habitats, stop poaching and to put a stop the traded goods made from endangered species we will see the tiger extinct in the wild during our lifetime.

Anyone can make a difference. It starts with you!