Legacy Planning



Since 1995, the National Foundation for Rescued Animals has been an innovator in big cat conservation. The TMLF was one of the first animal welfare organizations to acknowledge the genetic relevance of tigers living outside of A.Z.A zoos and sanctuaries in regards to species survival. By partaking in the first ever genetic study performed on tigers the Foundation was able to scientifically verify that the big cats from the private sector could hold a major part in preserving the tiger species. In 1999 the Foundation decided to open a rescue facility that would provide top quality care and a forever home for tigers, regardless of their knowledge of genetic background. Since then, the refuge has began rescuing other species of big cats as well, based on cage space availability. These great cats completely rely on funding from private donations.

Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, designated as the intake and rescue division of the Tiger Missing Link Foundation, is a 140 acre, not-for-profit, educational sanctuary offering comprehensive animal husbandry, conservation and a forever home for big cats in captivity.

Did you know there are creative ways to support Tiger Missing Link Foundation? Ways in which the Foundation, you and your loved ones all benefit at the same time?

Such giving techniques are called “gift plans,” because with thoughtful planning, you create win-win solutions for you and the Foundation . For example:

  • You can make a gift that costs nothing during your lifetime.
  • You can give stock and realize larger tax savings.
  • You can get a monthly paycheck for life in return for your gift.
  • You can donate your house, continue to live there, and get a tax break all at the same time.

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