Our Vision

In the progression of expanding our top rated rescue facility, plans for the Tiger Conservation Center have been established. This new educational center will immerse guests in both the Asia and Africa continents as well as the America’s as they walk through an educational museum setting.

The facility plan includes a theater room that also serves as a teaching facility where groups of people can watch documentaries on the species of animals they will be seeing in the rescue facility. The heart and soul of rescue is to not only care for the animals needing a permanent home, but to educate the public on the plight of these animals, both in the wild and in captivity, so we can insure their survival, as many of these animals are on the brink of extinction.

After checking in and wandering through the internal exhibits, people will be able to enjoy the restaurant for a refreshing cold drink or relaxing meal. After taking a tour of the big cats of Tiger Creek, visitors can stop at the gift shop to purchase their unique item to document their big cat experience.

The Tiger Orientation Center will also serve as the administration office for our big cat staff and a large conference room can hold teacher workshops, as well as meetings for our staff.

The old visitor center will be converted into the Animal Care Building, where the staff and veterinarians can handle all medical records and track procedures. A new Veterinarian Science Center will be utilized for surgeries and recovery of animals that cannot be returned back to their enclosure immediately.

A quarantine area will be added for new arrivals to be isolated from the current resident while we monitor them for diseases, illnesses or injuries and acclimate them to our staff as they settle into the comforts of living at Tiger Creek!

As the land surrounding Tiger Creek becomes available, we will continue to purchase as much as needed to ensure future growth and stability of the facility.

So please join us by making a donation to Tiger Creek and watch your investment continue to grow and save feline lives!